about ML

Hi! I'm Mary Louise.
                                      .... but you can call me ML!

Born and raised in the Sou­th, I am a believer in Jesus Christ, front porch livin’, and Chick-fil-a sweet tea.

I married the Main Squeeze in 2008, the week I graduated from High School and I don’t regret it for one minute. He spent 4 years in the Marine Corps before being medically retired and retuning to school to get his MBA. We have a little girl and two fur-boys.

Rocky Balboa, our oldest, is a 7 year-old basset-beagle-corgi mutt and the best squirrel hunter around. Maddux Raemond, our middle child, is a 6 year-old Cairn terrier and will never let a tennis ball go unthrown.

Mila Elizabeth, our littlest, was born July 8, 2014 with jejeunal atresia and apple peel deformity. She underwent surgery the day she was born and spent 8 weeks in the NICU. She is now a happy & spunky little girl!

I have curly hair, small feet, & a big mouth.
I love Sylvester Stallone, vinyl records, & poppy seed bread.
I believe in kindness, laughter, & good conversation.
I can’t live without my family, friends, & mac-n-cheese.
I am ML


  1. I wondering if you have a template for your year in review?

  2. Just came across your blog as I was looking for inexpensive date night ideas and laughed as I came across going to Carowinds. I guess we must live in the same part of the world. Nice blog, fun ideas!!

  3. Your links to Pinterest and Facebook are not working. Would love to find you elsewhere.
    Great to meet you.

    1. ACK! Thank you for letting me know! I have updated them!!