Thursday, October 2, 2014

mila elizabeth's nursery

When I found out I was pregnant, like most, I started to plan a nursery. We found out we were having a girl at 20 weeks and I was very excited. I had a "plan" but I'm never very good at keeping them when it comes to decorating.

I wanted peach with shades of brown. Vintage. Masculine and feminine. Gold.

Overall, I am very happy with how the nursery turned out :) Everything is very personal, which was nice since I put myself on a tight budget. We are so grateful for all the things we were gifted. The only thing I couldn't convince my husband to let me get was a cowhide rug... but maybe one day. It's a little grown-up but I feel like I left plenty of room for toys and other kiddo things.

I will try and list information on items, but feel free to message me if you have any questions -!

You will notice that my daughter isn't in any of the photos... that was because she was having a major meltdown before and passed out so I didn't bother her. I will take some later though ;)

We  bought the door sign at the hospital while Mila was in the NICU

Cowhide-esk blanket - Cracker Barrel
Peach rug - Marshalls
Sheet - Amazon
Dust Ruffle - handmade by my MIL

Mobile made by a friend. Email me if you want to order.

Gold Pillow - Hobby Lobby

I made her flower name :)

Pom Poms - Hobby Lobby
Handmade Rocking Horse - gift from my nanny

Frame - from a gift shop in Tennessee. Both of our father's have passed away.

Table and Box - Ross
Night light - antique mall in Little Mountain, SC
Porcelain doll - gift from my dad when I was little

Doilies - family heirlooms
Hanger/hook - built by my step-dad and myself
Wood hangers - Amazon

Cross-stitch by my dad
Hooks - Hobby Lobby
Light Pink dress - Marshalls
Dark pink - Old Navy

Dresser - Target
Mirror - Southeastern Salvage

Mirror - antique mall in Belmont, NC
Little girl figurine - Southern Comforts - store in Jacksonville, NC
Jewelry box - mine from childhood

Necklace & Bracelet - gift from my nanny

Hat box - Ross
Candle sticks - antique mall in Belmont, NC
Picture holder - gift from MIL, bought at the hostpital
Owl bowl - I have no idea. I've had it so long. Probably Marshalls

Magazine/book holder - Antique mall in Simpsonville, SC
Owl door stop - Cracker Barrel

Shelves and cube storage - IKEA

both gifts/antiques

Jewelry holder - Francescas 

Candle holders - Cracker Barrel
I love Jesus - Family Christian
Doily - antique mall

Canvas with NICU nurses and doctors signatures <3

Mila's Bible and little sign - Family Christian
"God Speaks, We Listen" by Mila's great-grandpa - buy here
Lamb - baby shower gift

Frame - Kirklands

Cinderella quote - Hallmark

"Who dare meddle with me?" sign - antique mall

my baby blanket and baby shoe made into a bookend

Chair and stuffed animals were gifts. Chair cushion made by my MIL

Changing Table - IKEA
Changing pad cover - Amazon
Horse - Busch Brewery Tour in St. Louis
Bear - TJ Maxx

Psalm 51:10 and "M" - Hobby Lobby
"Adventure" sign - Etsy

Bear Lovey from my sister

Basket - Ross
Lovey - made by my client

Giraffe - Southeastern Salvage
Peter Pan quotes - Etsy

My two boys. <3