Wednesday, July 16, 2014


week four

I didn't know I was pregnant but the some signs were there. My memory was failing me and I was finding myself wanting to be alone, which was tough, since it was Thanksgiving. 

week five 

On November 30, I stopped by CVS to get a pregnancy test. I wasn't sure if I was really pregnant but I was 5 days past my period, so a test we needed. I was afraid to tell Vincent and I wanted to take the test alone. I tried to set up my phone to take a video of me telling Vincent but he saw me acting weird and came into the den to see what I was up too. He was shocked. Neither of us thought it would happen as quickly as it did. I texted Ammie and Poon to let them know but we decided not to tell anyone until after we had an ultrasound.

week six

We had the pregnancy confirmed at the hospital and set up an appointment for our first ultrasound. It was nice having you as our own little secret. Most mornings I woke up really nauseous but never had bad morning sickness, yay!

week seven

Every morning I ate butter toast - it was the only thing that sounded good. I also craved Italian dressing.

week eight

We got to hear your heartbeat on December 23rd. We decided that Christmas would be a good time to tell everyone. We gave mom and Doug onesies that said "I love Papa" and "I love Nana." We gave Nanny an ornament with a boy and girl baby that said "#10" - for her 10th great-grandchild. We gave Nanny Jo and PawPaw a frame ornament with a copy of the ultrasound for them to add to their family wreath. We gave Phil a USC onesie and gave Lisa a baby frame with the ultrasound. Everyone is very excited to meet you!

week nine 

All I want are Honey Nut Cheerios! I even ran to the store early in the AM to get some! I also love sleeping! I average 10 hours a night, plus day times naps! You make me tired! ;)

week ten 

Dad had to take his first CPA exam this week, so I went to Florida with Nanny and Doug. It was great to visit - it had been over 5 years! It was very cold that week but I had a lot of fun relaxing and seeing family.

week eleven 

Not too much going on. I've been craving fruit 24/7 and want to eat very late at night - not good! I've been doing yoga, which has been nice and feels good to be semi-active. Have gone on a couple walks since the weather has been nice.

week twelve

We got to see you moving around and your little fingers! Aunt Claire and Grandma Lisa came with us. We took your announcement photos this week and your big brothers were a handful! You are in for a rude awakening when they want to snuggle ;)

week thirteen 

Welp, we told everyone we could in person and then posted our photos on Facebook. We were blown away with how many "likes" and comments we got! People are very excited to meet you and are happy for us! It also snowed this week! It was nice to see after not having anything for 2 years.

week fourteen

This week the Seahawks beat the Broncos in the Super Bowl. It was quite a shock because the final score was 43-8! Poor Payton Manning. The Winter Olympics started in Sochi, Russia. Maybe you'll be an Olympic athlete one day!?

week fifteen

It snowed again! Well, sort of. It was more of an ice storm but it was fun none the less because Dad got to stay home from school and work to be with me. Valentine's Day was this week. Dad and I decided to do something small but he ended up surprising me with chocolate covered strawberries! We had Nana, Papa, Aunt Claire, and Uncle Chris over for pizza.

week sixteen

We had a check-up this week. We got to hear your heart beat and it was just-a-goin'! Mom sang with the praise team at church this week. We think you will come out praising the Lord!

week seventeen

Dad got A's on his mid-terms, including the highest grade in one class! Mom shot 4 photoshoots in 5 days, including your cousin Samantha's bridals!

week eighteen

It was a pretty easy going week. Nothing major to report.

week nineteen

This week mom flew to Shreveport, LA to work with her favorite photographer and then to St. Louis to spend the week with Auntie Ams. You went on your first brewery tour and got a stuffed clydesdale horse from Auntie Ams. Mom also had to buy her first pair of maternity pants! You are getting big!

week twenty

We found out you are a girl! Dad was in shock and even asked the tech to double check! We already had your name picked out. Dad spent the week in Florida with Papa for the Braves Spring Training. On Sunday we had a Gender Reveal Party for our family and Growth Group friends. Everyone was excited to hear you were a little girl (even though more thought you were going to be a boy ;) We told them your name, Mila Elizabeth. Mila is all your own, but we named you Elizabeth after my Nanny. She's a great woman so you have a lot of live up too little one ;)

week twenty-one

We both had a busy week at work, and Dad at school. Aunt Ammie had surgery this week, which made Mom pretty nervous.

week twenty-two

You went to your first sporting event - Ridge View High School Lacrosse game against RNE. We registered at Target and Buy Buy Baby. Gamma came with us and we were so tired! It took 6+ hours! You also got to enjoy Hudson's BBQ  - considered the best BBQ in the state! It was yummy! Dad was super busy! He had three major tests this week but we found out later that he aced them all (even got the highest in the class on two of them!)

week twenty-three

Mom had a girls day with you GiGi on Tuesday and then with Nanny Jo on Thursday to buy you some goodies. Saturday was super busy! Our day started out at the Palmetto 1/2 Marathon at 7am. At 9am, we headed to Rock Hill for Dad's Withrop University Boot Camp challenge! It was fun but kinda hot! Then we drove up to Charlotte for April (your 2nd cousin) and Mark's wedding. You enjoyed their dessert reception!

week twenty-four

Mom was really busy this week with photoshoots! She had 4 sessions in six days! It was tiring but a ton of fun! This week was also Palm Sunday, where we had the Lord's Supper. Papa turned 56 on Saturday, so we went to Augusta and had dinner with your uncles. We then went and saw Uncle Douglas, Aunt Jenn, and cousin Tori in a play they wrote! It was a lot of fun even though mom got a little sick during Act 1.

week twenty-five

The Easter Bunny (aka your Nanny Jo) came to see you! We went to church and enjoyed a beautiful service. After church we had dinner at Grandpa Phil's house. Mom and Dad rushed home so Mom could make GiGi's mac-n-cheese -- it was pretty good! The peach cobbler was a total bust (Mom used regular flour instead of self rising. Ugh!). We then had dinner at Aunt Claire and Uncle Chris. We dyed eggs and even did a few egg hunts! Mom found the money egg ;) Mom also failed her 1-hour glucose test and had to take the 3-hour one - which really stunk! But she went with Nanny to lunch after which made it better!

week twenty-six

You got to enjoy breakfast made our SS class! It was so yummy. Mom got word that she has borderline gestational diabetes which sucks but it means that from here out all she eats will be very good for you!

week twenty-seven

Dad finished his last full semester of graduate school this week with all A's! We had a busy week this week - Mom had two photoshoots, saw Uncle Chris graduate from USC School of Law, and helped with his graduation party.  We went up to Greenville to look at houses with Nanny Jo and we found a house! We put in an offer and they accepted! We feel so relieved! Your great-grandpa also passed away, so it's been a hard week for Mom but she knows she was blessed to have him as long as she did. 

week twenty-eight 

Dad left for NYC for his Maymester this week and got to see a lot of great sites! Mom took Papa and your great aunt to see the house (we are just so excited!). Great-grandpa was buried with military honors. Mom and Dad left on Saturday for a weeks vacation!

week twenty-nine

We spent the first half of the week in Vegas and the second in Seattle! It was  along but fun week! We got to see the Grand Canyon, a Cirque Du Soleil show, and Dad managed to have some fun at the Blackjack Tables. We went to Seattle and saw your great-grandma Frances and great-uncle Al! It was so much fun seeing them!

week thirty

We spent time recouping from vacation! A vacation from vacation if you so please! We went with some friends to Shealy's BBQ and to see X-Men at the Big Mo Drive-in. Uncle Chris had a guys shower for Vincent and they had a great time grilling out and watching the Braves. Sunday we had our maternity photos taken - we looked pretty awesome ;)

week thirty-one

Dad and I had to go back to Greenville to look for houses again (our first "find" and offer fell through). We ended up in new construction and found an amazing house -- so we put in an offer! Now we wait! Dad and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary but going on a food tour of Main Street! It was so yummy! We went to Cantina 76, The Vault in the Sheraton, Midlands in the Marriott, Bourbon, Oak and Table, and _______.

week thirty-two

 I went up to Gastonia with mom, Doug, and Nanny to see Aunt Carolyn for the afternoon. After that, we took Grandpa Doug and Grandma Donna to dinner at Midlands for Father's Day! On Friday, we picked out your bedding set with Grandma Lisa and then found a living room set for the new house! Yes! We found out we got the house! We are so excited for a new adventure with you in Grennville! Dad took me to see How to Train Your Dragon 2 and it was ah-mazing! One of the cutest movies we have seen in a long time!

week thirty-three

This week was pretty emotional for me, but it ended amazingly! Aunt Ammie drove 12+ hours to come see us and go to your shower! I was in total shock when I opened the door and saw her! She's the best aunt! Saturday was the shower given by Nanny Jo and Claire. We had yummy desserts at Villa Tronco.

week thirty-four

Dad spent a lot of time writing his 14+ page paper from his NYC Maymester class, so Aunt Ammie and I spent a lot of time just relaxing. On Monday, the 23rd, we got to see you but Dr. Addy was very concerned about your bowels. He said they looked dilated so we had to go see a specialist on Tuesday. The specialist confirmed that there is an issue with you bowel and you will likely need surgery. We are all really scared but we know God will put His arms around you and you will be fine. Saturday we had a yard sale with your Uncle Mike and Aunt Monique. It was super tiring but worth it!

week thirty-five

This week we got 3 ultrasounds! And two of them were 4D, so we were super excited to see your pretty face. Everyone says you have my nose and Dad's lips - we shall see! We went bowling with Uncle Dalt and his girlfriend and found out that Uncle Dalt is going into the Air Force! We are very excited and proud of him! We are pretty sure we are going to transfer hospitals and OBs but we will make a decision next week. This weekend was the 4th of July, we spent the day with family swimming and BBQing ;)

week thirty-six

Sunday, we spent the afternoon making freezer meals. It took a while but I think it will be worth it. Dad mowed the front and back yard and I boxed up a few more boxes. My mucus plug fell out around 7pm and I did not sleep well. Monday morning I was having contractions - nothing too crazy but I called my doctor and they suggested I come in to the hospital. After talking to your nana and GG, I woke up Dad and we headed to the hospital (Chick-fil-a on the way of course ;). Around 2pm they checked me and I was 3cm dilated. I was told if I progressed in 2 hours I would be admitted. Dad and I joked that we had way to much to do and you weren't coming. We even made dinner plans! Around 5pm my water broke! We were both in shock. You were born at 1:59am on Tuesday, July 8th. You were tiny - 4lb 10oz and 18 inches. We didn't get to spend much time with you before they whisked you away to the NICU to check out your bowels but you are beautiful.