Friday, August 23, 2013

fun finds friday - disney inspiration

It's Friday y'all and I am about to do my happy dance!!!! FFF is back so enjoy! ;) 

I have decided to do a Disney themed FFF and I am super excited. 

(and might I add, my birthday is November 10th and Christmas isn't too far away... so yea ;)

Mulan T-Shirt
Ok - this is fab-u-lous. Mulan is one of my all time favorite Disney movies and this is super cute!

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Peter Pan Quote Art
I love love love Peter Pan. I just do and these pretty little things are so perfect. 

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Beauty and the Beast Inspired Rose Bookmark
Books. Rose. Classy. Enough said.
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The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Now, the book is NOT like the movie but I love this beauty.
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Brave Inspired Bracelets
My newest love. Curly, redheaded heroine - I'm always a fan.
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Hercules Inspired "Goddess" Headband
Who doesn't love the beautiful and sassy goddesses in Hercules! This gold (and fabulous) headband is stunning. 
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The Emperor's New Groove
Llama nail art. I mean, really... do I need to say more!!!
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Remember the Titans
I love a cute, graphic tank
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Aladdin Genie Lamp
Ok, so this maybe pretty useless but I mean it's pretty rad ;)

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Homeward Bound - Doorbell Cover
This is my sister-in-laws favorite movie, so I had to add this. Plus, it's super cute.
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Cool Runnings Quote
For my sister and because this movie in amazing.
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Thursday, August 15, 2013

rock that lip color ;)

When I was little, lip stick meant being grown-up. My mom wore lip stick all of time and had a rather large collection.

In high school, there was the girl, who became my best friend, and who wore (and rocked!) bright red lip stick. I use to think, "wow. She is SO confident! I wish I could wear something that bold!" 

Lip stick has always had an interesting allure to me. But I feel like millennials don't appreciate, like, or wear lip stick.

I'm 23. I have dark brown eyes and hair. I have porcelain skin and yellow undertones. I am 23 and afraid of lip stick!

What shade? Gloss or stain? Shimmer or matte?! AHHHHH! 

I think adding a little color is nice and a great brightener. Obviously, you don't want to age yourself by going too dark or look to young with shiny glosses - but how do you find the middle ground without wanting to give up or spending too much! Well, I'm no expert but below I will share with you some of of my favorites. :)

Burt's Bees Rhubarb Lip Shimmer
I love Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, so I decided to try the lip shimmer. I actually tried a few shades before I realized that the Rhubarb was the best fit for me. They aren't super expensive and they keep your lips nice and moisturized  It doesn't taste funny and isn't too "bold" for newbies.

POP Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon - Coral Crush 
I actually got one in my ipsy bag last month and loved it! They accidentally sent me two bags, so I gave one to my mother-in-law. About a week later, she texted me and told me she LOVED it! It doesn't have the best reviews, BUT I like it. It's light weight with a decent coverage. It moisturizes well. The color doesn't last very long but my lips get dry fast and I apply chap stick at least 4 times an hour so I'm ok with the crayon. 

Stila Lip Glaze - all of them!
They are light weight and not super sticky. I love the pop of color and they are reasonably priced too! You can get ones with some shimmer or ones that are more matte. I currently have Blackbherry in my purse and it's perfect for the upcoming fall. 

Again, not everyone likes the same thing or can find the right color for them. I just wanted to share with you some of my current obsessions!

What are yours?!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

happy birthday to my main man ;)

As like any other special events in my life, I am writing a blog post!

The main squeeze turns 24 today so I am going to share 24 things I love about him :) 

Luckily we just had photos done in Hawaii with Ashley Goodwin Photography and she took some of just him - so enjoy his sexy-ness ;)


1. He always smells nice.

2. He rarely gets mad at me. Which is SUPER nice when I mess up ;)

3. He adores, spoils, and plays with our pups - he will be a great dad one day.

4. He has ambition

5. If he likes or is interested in something, he educates himself on the topic

6. He is a hard worker. He started his degree while in the Marines and is finishing it up now. And except for maybe one semester, he has always had a job while in school. He provides for us.

7. He is musically inclined. He just picked up the ukulele and is pretty good!!

8. He likes to dress nice

9. He has the best, sexiest, and prettiest smile around

10. His eyes are AH-mazing as well. Reference below:

11. We agree on most "moral" issues

12. We have the same goals and ideals for the future

13. He likes challenges and picks things up pretty fast (like driving on the opposite side of the road)

14. He puts up with my eccentric taste, thoughts, and personality

15. He is a great listener

16. He is adventurous - rock climbing, zip lining, zorbing, snorkeling, hiking.... when we vacation we like to do some fun things!

17. He never misses a chance to tell me he loves me

18. He can handle me at my worst

19. He has good hygiene! And for a germaphobe like me - that's huge.

20. He has a TERRIBLE memory when it comes to some things, but by golly he can tell you just about anything about the MLB! 

21. He makes me laugh

22. He is smart

23. He appreciates nice things and is willing to do the hard work to get them. 

24. He is the man God made for me. Even though we got married young, have been through some crazy things, and have grown up, I truly believe he is the man I was/am meant to be with.

I love you Vincent! Happy Birthday!!!